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What are sunspots? What is the Sunspot Cycle? Observing the Sun
What are Sunspots?
Large sunspot
 A quiet sun  Small and medium sunspots
Solar Eclipse  20 Aug
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For a description of a solar eclipse

Solar Eclipse  3 July
EarlyPartial7637 DRProminences Prominances7646
Chromosphere (red) on east side with
Moon partially covering sun during first "Diamond Ring" effect as last
EclipseLateTotalityMG7681 MG7692
Totality composite showing deep corona and First sliver of second  partial
Totality with inner corona and prominences
Size matters: when the moon
item10 AnnularEclipse
Total Eclipse Annular Eclipse
The Sun The nearest star
distance: 8 light minutes
The Nearest Star

By Fraunhofer_lines.jpg: nl:Gebruiker:MaureenVSpectrum-sRGB.svg

Fraunhofer lines in the solar
Large sunspot